from Deadly Niche Press

In AFTERMATH, Anna Fulenweider, 24, survives fifty-three hours  with a male assailant she cannot identify, in an unknown location. Survival is enough for her.

Normally an upbeat, even brazen news reporter, Anna is changed by her ordeal. Cowed, she sleeps at night with all the lights on, is repulsed by any physical contact,  and succumbs to occasional shaking fits.  She sees no reason to continue spewing her harrowing experience; therefore, she staunchly refuses to discuss it with family, friends, or even the psychiatrist provided by her employer newspaper.

Wesley Sims, a friend of both Anna and Joe Marsh, the engineer who developed the device credited with saving her life, urges Marsh to travel from Colorado to Oklahoma to help. Anna feels obligated to Marsh, whom she has met only in telephone interviews. She knows he used his ingenious tracking instrument to guide searchers, forcing the assailant to free her.

As an inventor, Marsh doesn’t believe in failure. Although he and Anna get off to a rocky start, Marsh persists…and persists…and persists, finally piercing her defenses, then widening the breach, until Anna is strong enough to confront her inner fears and even the man who created them.

AFTERMATH can be purchased for  $2.99 on Kindle at:



About sharonervin

I write novels for and about women. I work half-days in my husband and son's law office. A former newspaper reporter, I have a B.A. in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. I have four grown children.
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  1. Anne Gulley says:

    Thanks, Sharon, for sharing part of the book you wrote. Anne G.

  2. sharonervin says:

    Anne, you and I appear to be alone here. Scary. Thank you for commenting. I actually have nine books in print, seven on Kindle. If you’d like to know more about any of them, you may read excerpts at http://sharonervin.com, my website.

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