Writing Tips

My mother had a writer friend whose husband made a good living. A writer usually needs a supplemental means of support. When I mentioned wanting to write novels for a living, the friend invited me over to see her “powder room,” a small guest bathroom tucked under the stairs. She had papered it with rejections. Laughing, she said she should have chosen a larger room. She was running out of wall space, even though she had had books published. That day, she clarified some of my misconceptions, one of those being, “You’re never really ‘in’ in this business. It’s one book at a time.”

That’s all I write. One book at a time. I’m working on #21. Nine have been published.

Babe Ruth was the home-run king. He was also the strike-out king. We all have our heroes.


About sharonervin

I write novels for and about women. I work half-days in my husband and son's law office. A former newspaper reporter, I have a B.A. in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. I have four grown children.
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