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“USE BY” DATES My grown children have alerted their offspring: “Don’t eat anything from Nana’s fridge or cupboards without checking the ‘use by’ date.” Alex, 12, took a bite of cheese and began spewing, running for the trash as he … Continue reading

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FREE WILL AND POLITICS God gave people free will. Some politicians want to legislate it away, but only in certain areas. Some political types would make it the law for every woman to carry every baby from conception to birth. … Continue reading

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KEYSTONE The proposed Keystone Pipeline is kaput, thanks to President Obama. I am relieved. Congress was suspect when they pushed for construction of the humongous pipeline to be built by foreign entities––either companies or governments––smack through the middle of America … Continue reading

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INNOCENCE LOST? Have deviants always raped small children or is that something peculiar to society today? It seems to happen often now. Right here in Smalltown, Oklahoma, a young, not unattractive man, raped a nine-month-old baby girl. He was her … Continue reading

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ON HIS SIDE When the resource officer picked the smart-mouthed 17-year-old girl up out of her classroom seat and hummed her across the floor, I said, “Good for him!” Some people sided with her. The officer was fired. “He should … Continue reading

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