Sharon Thetford Ervin, wife, mother, grandmother, and author, listed by order of importance.  I work half-days in my husband and son’s law office, Ervin & Ervin, McAlester, Oklahoma, as probate clerk, bookkeeper, and gofer.  I quit in a blaze last Monday, entertained apologies from the named partners on Tuesday, and was back in the office Wednesday morning.

In the off time, I write novels, penned the first in 1982.  Years of rejections persuaded that I would never be published, so I wrote books I wanted to read–after all, I was the only one reading them, except for people in my several critique groups.

It was a long road.  In 1999, while toiling on Manuscript #12, a publisher e-mailed that they would like the opportunity to publish Manuscript #8, JUSU AND MOTHER EARTH.  Obviously, it was a scam.  But the offer proved genuine.  I bawled like a baby with each step: when they sent the contract, when they sent a draft of the cover, when they sent galleys.  In the contract, they insisted on the right of first refusal of my next book, when/if I had another.  Did I have another manuscript, they asked?  Did I have another manuscript? Well, ye-ah.

My ninth published novel was released yesterday from my third publisher.  Glory Hallelujah!

Number 21 is my current work in progress.  Fortune and fame might impel others, but I find joy just clattering away at this keyboard, producing sometimes steamy novels for and about women.

My mother says, “You have some talent.  Why don’t you write something worthwhile?”

I laugh.  My advice to anyone about life:  Whatever floats your boat, do it, as much and as often as you can.



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