My Books

CANDLESTICKS, third in a hardcover series, a romantic/suspense, released June 16, 2010.  A serial killer interrupts a long-awaited honeymoon.

MURDER ABOARD THE CHOCTAW GAMBLER, second in this hardcover series, a romantic/suspense fictionally based on the Mullendore murder in Oklahoma in 1969.

THE RIBBON MURDERS, first in this hardcover series, a romantic/suspense based on the first homicide the author covered as a fledgling newspaper reporter.

CHIK-LIT FOR FOXY HENS, four novellas for mature “chicks” by four authors; mine is entitled “ROSE.”

WEEKEND WIFE, romance: from toddler to teen, Dianna adored her older brother’s best friend, Greg, seven years her senior.  When he finally proposes, it is to ask her to pretend to be his wife for a weekend to help close a business deal.

COUNTERFEIT COWBOY, romance: Jilted, Chelly vows never to trust another man, but who can help looking?

BODACIOUS, unusual romance about an allegedly frigid woman and a mute mountain man isolated together for twelve days (steamy).

JUSU AND MOTHER EARTH, a romance about a mature widow who believes her life is over and plans to finish it writing features about people in Uganda, only to find her new existence “stimulating.”


One Response to My Books

  1. Sharon Ervin says:

    Review from my friend Al Kaff:
    An Exciting and Surprising Read, August 12, 2010
    By A. Kaff
    This review is from: Candlesticks (A Jancy Dewhurst Mystery) (Hardcover)
    Critics say the most believable novels are written by authors who write about what they have seen or experienced. Sharon Ervin fills the bill. She is a former newspaper reporter who has covered homicides, and she is married and the mother of four grown children. In her latest novel, “Candlesticks.” Sharon writes about Jancy, 24, a news reporter who investigates robberies and murders, and her husband, Jim Wills, 28, a policeman. Sharon describes in detailed language Jancy’s thoughts and actions while losing her virginity on her wedding night, and she writes about later erotic adventures. Two threads run through the string of burglaries. The loot in each burglary includes a set of candlesticks, and each robbery victim was called away from home unexpectedly before the burglary took place. “Candlesticks” weaves love making and detective work into an exciting and surprising read.
    – Al Kaff, UPI correspondent in Asia 1952-1981, and author

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